Thank you in advance for taking the time to review this information about who we are and how we can help your community. 

FYVE Property Management & Real Estate began with the belief that professional property management shouldn’t cost an exorbitant amount to be done right.  We believe that it is possible to be the best and still provide competitive, fair pricing.

Hiring a company that you can trust is the most important thing that you can do for your community.  There are a ton of companies out there nowadays who market themselves as ‘property managers’.  However, their expertise and level of service that they provide cannot be compared with ours.  When making a decision about who will manage such an important investment, choosing the right property management company is critical.

Some important things to consider when making this decision are listed below:


We have lived, worked, and played here for over 30 years.  Because we know the area so well, we have what it takes to get the required results.  You can be assured that we will hit the ground running.  We recognize that no two communities are exactly the same, so our service is very personalized.


Communication is essential, not only with the Board of Directors but with the owners of the communities as well.  We pride ourselves on always being available and quick to respond.

We’re also big technology fans and that works to your benefit.  We use the latest technologies available and innovative ideas in community association management.  Whether it is email, text messaging, fax, phone, regular mail, Skype, an office visit, or a board meeting, we are always available to you.


Don’t wait until the end of the month to see what’s going on in your Association.  See what’s happening in real-time, online, 24/7.  Board members can login to view their account history, see what expenses the Association has incurred, run reports, and more.

Superior Service

FYVE has a unique approach in providing association management services.  We provide expert team members for each aspect of property management.  Each team member has a specific area of responsibility and works in conjunction with the Property Manager to provide the needed administrative support.  This enables the Property Manager to focus on the property itself for maintenance issues, property inspections, contractor supervision, follow up and close working relationships with the Board of Directors.  It also allows each staff member to be totally familiar with the day-to-day operations of  your community as it pertains to their area of expertise.

Peace of Mind

Feel secure with your decision.  We are so confident in our services, that our contract states that if you are dissatisfied with our management services at anytime and we are unable to rectify your concerns, you may cancel the management contract with a 30 days notice.  We will of course help you transition to a new management company as seamlessly as possible.  It’s that simple.

Scope of Services

The following listed responsibilities are meant to serve as a general scope of work that will be performed.  It is not intended to limit the services available.

Accounting Services:

  • Complete bookkeeping services
  • Collecting, recording and depositing of maintenance fees, assessments, and other monies due to the Association
  • Continuous review of the Association’s financial status and offer recommendations to the Board of Directors accordingly
  • Enforce the policy for collecting delinquent accounts – up to and including legal action as directed by the Board
  • Delinquency letter processing/mailing
  • Timely processing of payables as directed by the Board
  • Maintain financial records and bank accounts.  These records will be available for review by all of the Members of the Association in person, or online
  • Homeowner access to account payment history online
  • Timely preparation of monthly financial reports including but not limited to balance sheet, income statement, trial balance, general ledger, Budget versus the Actual analysis, bank statements, bank reconciliations, & delinquency reports
  • Guidance & preparation of the Annual Budget
  • Assist your accountant with the preparation of filing the corporation’s tax returns, and corporation filing with the State of Florida.

Management Services

  • One of our LCAMs (Licensed Community Association Manager) will be assigned to your community.  However, we are a close knit team that is BIG on teamwork!  Our entire team will work together to effectively manage your property.
  • Attendance at Board Meetings
  • Enforcement of Rules & Regulations, Bylaws, & Covenants
  • Provide assistance, recommendations & ongoing support to the Board of Directors
  • New Resident Screening including background, eviction, sex offender, & credit reports, distributing & processing applications, interviewing applicants, & reviewing rules & regulations with each applicant
  • Maintain mail and phone communications as well as a 24-hour, 7 day a week emergency response number.
  • Prompt response to all homeowners’ inquiries
  • Online access for homeowners to voice their concerns and to request maintenance repairs
  • Conduct regular inspections of the property including but not limited to: monitoring vendor work quality, identifying areas of concern, and making recommendations on correcting deficiencies, and notating violations, etc.
  • Violation letters processing/mailing
  • Processing Association’s required annual corporation filing
  • Preparation of all Florida Statute required mailings/notices
  • Assist in the creation of a sound Hurricane Plan
  • Provide Board of Directors with regular property status reports
  • Manage work orders as directed by the association from beginning to end
  • Obtain competitive bids for work orders – Unlike other property management companies, we don’t charge any mark up on services provided by vendors.  The price that the vendor would charge us, is the same price that they would charge the association.
  • Dispatch on-call vendors for emergencies
  • Manage vendor relations to ensure that the service is provided in accordance with the Association’s agreement
  • Provide assistance in screening new vendors – We provide management & real estate services only.  We believe that using outside vendors allows us to manage and critique vendors’ performances unbiased to the benefit of the Association.
  • Direct on-site maintenance personnel
  • Develop a Maintenance Plan for the property based on its current condition and prioritizing any future improvements or repairs as directed by the Board
  • Assistance in reviewing all insurance policies carried by the Association for proper coverage
  • Store Association Records in accordance with Florida Statutes.
  • On-site Property Management available for an additional cost

***We are confident that FYVE Property Management & Real Estate would be a great fit for your community. 

***Our service is very personalized, so we like to handle our proposals in the same manner.

***To discuss your community’s needs and for additional information, please contact us.  954.324.1199